About Us

Ceramic is today’s one of the most modern and technological decoration materials and it was used by human being since the beginning of the history. 

Combining technology with nature and human, “Termal Seramik” was founded in Sögüt, Bilecik in 1995 to create value for customers with different needs and demands. First factory started production in 1997, and second factory started production in 2005. After the new investments during the last 2 years, completed in June 2018, Termal Seramik reached a capacity of 24.000.000 m2 per year. 

New investments enabled Termal Seramik to produce porcelain floor tiles of sizes such as 80*80, 60*60, 60*120; wall tiles of sizes such as 30*90, 30,5*75,5 and parquet porcelain tiles such as 20*120, 15*90, 15*60.  Regular porcelain products of sizes 30*60, 45*45 and 42,5*42,5 and wall tiles of size 30*60 are being produced as well. Our factory is capable of offering all these products in rectified and non-rectified solution. Color body and 20 mm thick tile options are being offered to customers. 

Employing around 850 people for production, Termal Seramik is running its production under strict Total Quality Assurance System with domestic and international certifications.

Our purpose and major objectives are to satisfy customer needs; to contribute to national economy; to fulfill our duties for the environment and the society; and to put Total Quality Assurance System into our top priority in order to become the leader in our sector and in continus technological innovation.